Sole Pharma

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Solé Pharma® Healthcare is a dynamic Latvian pharmaceutical company that produces high quality pharmaceutical products in close collaboration with doctors, pharmacists and scientific institutes, guaranteeing excellent quality and individual approach to each customer, distributor and partner. Thanks to a professional team and modern manufacturing site, Solé Pharma® Healthcare's portfolio includes over 50 different formulas, including worldwide recognizable brands. Solé Pharma® products contain amino acids, herbal extracts, vitamins and micro elements that have proven to be effective in clinical trials and daily practice. Thanks to the scientific department, Solé Pharma® Healthcare develops new formulas every year, taking into account the individual needs of each country. The company has gained international reputation for continuous development and effective cooperation, which has been established in 22 countries in Europe, Middle east and Asia. The company focuses on the development and production of high-quality original products based on the latest technology in science. Solé Pharma®'s mission is to improve the quality of life by offering high quality original pharmaceutical products. Solé Pharma®'s vision is to become one of the three leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe.

Juris Ozols

Founder, CEO

For many years Solé Pharma® has proved itself as a producer of the highest quality products in the pharmaceutical market, which is achieved by highly educated and professional employees, as well as implementing responsible treatment towards partners and patients. Health is the foundation of everything, hence Solé Pharma® will continue to invest in the research of new products and the assurance of the highest production quality in order for Solé Pharma® to become the largest pharmaceutical producer in the EU and to ensure the availability of our products worldwide. 

Mg.pharm Lote Ozola

Responsible official, R&D

The products of Solé Pharma® have been developed in a research group based on the latest scientific facts and clinical trials. As scientific developments are ongoing, we provide new product formulas each year, taking into account the individual requirements of each country. We are also proud of our modern manufacturing plant, which meets all the highest standards of the European Union and combined with the highest quality ingredients we use in manufacturing, we ensure the efficiency and safety of products.

Mg.pharm Katrina Greitane

Sales & Marketing

Solé Pharma® offers more than 50 innovative products across 22 national markets in Europe and Eastern countries, and these numbers are steadily increasing, allowing us to be optimistic about the future and be proud of the global recognition of Solé Pharma®. Our customers acknowledge the high professionalism of Solé Pharma®, as well as doctors and pharmacists recognize the quality of the products by recommending them to their patients. For the development of our products, we use only science-based facts and closely follow ethical principles in order to ensure that our patients receive the accurate treatment they require.