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Hepastrong forte / 3D / 1200x1220

Hepastrong Forte

Product description

Hepastrong Forte consists of high dose amino acids that are involved in the urea cycle to right away start detoxification processes in the liver cells and B group vitamins to promote the essential amino acid production. L-Ornithine is involved is more than 80% of reactions responsible for liver detoxification, Hepastrong Forte L-Ornithine dose is much higher than usually and stimulates detoxification. Amino acids decrease fat accumulation in the liver and help initiate regeneration processes.

Hepastrong Forte can stop the acute inflammatory phase by lowering liver performance enzymes in analyses, but for better results and longer usage it is required to continue the treatment with Hepastrong Amino for 2 months.

High doses are ensured by the sachet being prepared in water.

  • L-Ornithine
  • L-Methionine
  • L-Arginine
  • Choline bitartrate
  • B6 vitamin
  • B9 vitamin
  • B12 vitamin


  • Elevated liver enzymes (ALT and AST)
  • Liver damage and liver disfunction (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease)
  • Poor eating habits
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Contact with chemicals
  • Regular and intensive trainings


Recommended to take internally 1 sachet once per day with a glass of water.

It is possible to afterwards prolong the treatment with Hepastrong Amino.